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The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living (TFL) engages in local and statewide tobacco control policy efforts that focus on tobacco prevention, eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke, promote cessation services, and identify and eliminate tobacco-related disparities.


TFL’s Goal 1 aims to prevent initiation of tobacco use among young people. Nearly 90% of cigarette smokers first tried smoking by age 18 and 99% first tried smoking by age 26. This is why preventing tobacco use among youth is critical to ending the tobacco epidemic in the United States.

TFL has engaged youth in a variety of tobacco control and advocacy activities. Founded in 2017, Next Era is TFL’s statewide youth movement uniting teens across Louisiana as agents of change to promote healthy, tobacco-free lifestyles. Next Era empowers high school teens to work toward meaningful change in their communities. Learn more at wearenextera.org

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Healthier Air for All Campaign is the secondhand smoke initiative of TFL.

Unfortunately, many people throughout Louisiana are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke at work and in public spaces, such as bars and gaming venues. Healthier Air For All encourages support for smoke-free protections for all Louisiana employees.

Learn more about our work to create a 100% smoke-free Louisiana at HealthierAirForAll.org.

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TFL works tirelessly to reduce the number of Louisianians using tobacco products. We provide presentations, trainings, and resources to communities and medical experts to help with this initiative. In we are partners with Louisiana Department of Health (LDH)’s Well Ahead program to support and promote the Quit With Us, LA tobacco cessation quitline. Quit With Us, La. offers personalized cessation coaching by phone, online and text for those who want to stop using tobacco more information, visit QuitWithUsLA.org.

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TFL recognizes several priority populations. Priority populations are identified by their increased exposure to tobacco usage and secondhand smoke, making them more susceptible to tobacco-related illnesses and death. TFL’s identified priority populations African American adults, LBGTQ+individuals, individuals experiencing behavioral/mental health issues, adults with low incomes, and entertainment/hospitality workers. Tobacco-related deaths and diseases affect communities of color almost twice as much as they affect other communities. TFL partner with the Communities of Color to resources through both mass media and on grassroots outreach with the overall mission of eliminating tobacco-related health disparities in these targeted among African Americans.TFL also executes presentations and resources tailored to unique needs of other priority populations. We collaborate with medical partners, specialized clinics and advisory boards throughout the state to address tobacco-related health concerns in an approachable manner to many different communities.

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TFL works with partners the state to help achieve our goal of a 100% tobacco-free Louisiana. Examples of our statewide efforts include policy changes and research/studies. Statewide coordination helps TFL works more effectively in fighting the medical and economic issues presented by tobacco and secondhand smoke. Together with our partners TFL has successfully passed tax increases and several policy changes.

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ACT 815

Established smoke-free workplaces and public spaces, including restaurants. Bars and gaming facilities are exempt.

ACT 838

Prohibited smoking in cars where children under the age of 13 are present.

ACT 211

Prohibited smoking on all college campuses throughout Louisiana.

ACT 278

Prohibited the sale of electronic cigarettes and vapor pens to persons under age 18.


32 ordinances protecting 30% of Louisiana’s population get more details at HealthierAirforAll.org/accomplishments


Over the past ten years, multiple academic institutions have established tobacco-free policies, ranging from footage ordinances to complete smoke-free district or institutional ordinances. In 2014, ACT 211 was passed, which established smoke-free public colleges and universities in Louisiana, of which there are 37 out of 40 across the state.