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Dec. 16, 2021


Lafayette,LA- According to the Louisiana Youth Tobacco Survey...the rate of e-cigarette use among Louisiana teens has tripled since 2019. Two organizations are have come up with a tool where teens spend lots of their time on their phones.

The first step to quitting vaping can be the hardest for most, significantly younger adults. The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living has partnered with Well-Ahead Louisiana connecting teens with one of their experts, quit coaches, who will work with them to create your quit plan to quit tobacco for good.

"Lead them to these specific activities that will take them through the quitting process and provide them with tips on how to deal with certain situations," says Cessation Manager for Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living Chrishelle Stipe.

Any teen in Louisiana can enroll by texting "VAPEFREE" to 873373.

Copeland Munnerlyn feels that if the texting tool becomes more aware, more kids will stop vaping, but they have to want to stop."I feel like they think that nothing bad is going to happen. They don't see the money pit that it. All the habits and the constant need to hit it."

Flavored e-cigarettes continue to drive youth vaping continuously up. In 2019 vape use almost doubled among middle school students from 4.8% to 15.4%.

Leo Nava believes if teens look more into e-cigarettes, they'd see the dangers behind them. "If certain things are put out about vaping is put out more in front of their face and stuff and they really read on it... they'll for sure have a good understanding on it.

Stipe wants teens to know they don't plan to give up on them. Teens can utilize the program as long they need to as a way to help them quit. "We know that it may take a person multiple times. It may take one person more additional attempts, but the program is definitely tailored for each individual and how they actually use their vape product."

Even if you may not feel ready, stipe said to still text that number to learn more because it can take you to the next level to stop vaping. If you want to make a plan to quit, they are there to help. You can also go to their website listed at the bottom of your screen for additional information.

By: Ashley Hamilton

Source: https://www.kadn.com/content/news/Live-Vape-Free-tool-aimed-to-help-teens-quit-vaping-575926361.html