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Bastrop High students participate in Kick Butts Day

Jul. 24, 2019

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Students from eight different Louisiana high schools, including Bastrop High, are advocating for smoke-free public places by holding events on Kick Butt’s Day.

According to a press release for the event, Kick Butt’s Day, part of the Healthier Air for All campaign, was started in 1996 as an initiative to promote a smoke-free environment, stand against tobacco use, and encourage officials to take steps to protect kids from tobacco.

The press release states that here is no comprehensive, statewide policy against smoking in public spaces, and secondhand smoke can cause bronchitis, while prolonged exposure can lead to strokes, heart attacks, and lung cancer.

The Student Government Association held a Kick Butt’s Day event in the Bastrop High cafeteria throughout the day.

“Our student government is partnering with Next Era and holding ‘Kick Butt’s Day’,” explained Student Government Interim President Cedric Winston.

Next Era is a youth movement promoting a tobacco free Louisiana. The student government members provided information on Kick Butt’s Day and encouraged students to show their support.

“We are asking students about their opinions on tobacco free facilities, and they write them down on cards.”

These cloud-shaped cards were strung up near the booth set up for the event. Students also signed posters. Free goodies were given out along with information cards.

“We’ve been handing out fans, water bottles, and stickers,” stated Winston.

The students of Bastrop High are campaigning for a smoke-free environment so the air will be cleaner and keep kids healthier. Winston commented that secondhand smoke is a big problem.

“Secondhand smoke is more dangerous than firsthand smoke,” said Winston. “I had a grandfather who smoked and it gave me breathing problems.”

By the end of the event, several posters were covered in students’ names and many had written cloud cards. The posters will be hung throughout the school.

The Student Government Association of Bastrop High is proud to partner with New Era in the fight for cleaner air and hopes to make an impact on the future of children’s health.

By: Brittany Wilson

Source: https://www.bastropenterprise.com/news/20190322/bastrop-high-students-participate-in-kick-butts-day